Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy B-Day Cat-the-Meanie

Cat's been a meanie and a computer hog. She wouldn't let us on the computer the whole time she was student teaching. Like months and months. 16 whole weeks. Not even to tell you that the children didn't eat her.

I kinda wish the children HAD eaten her!!

Well, not really . . .


In the mean time, she taught lots of lessons, nannied for the family, went to game, and watched lots of TV (mostly SG-1 because that's on all the time on SyFy). Then she moved away from school last week because she's all done. I guess she has this Master's Degree thing she was working on. Is that important? The family she nannied for will miss her, but I like the new place ok. Deirdre already came to visit, because Adrien isn't far away. This is much better I think, but nobody listens to me (and no one lets me on the computer, either.)

Cat has to look for a real job. For a while she's going to sub, and probably be poor. Good thing she has time to look for jobs to apply for now. It seems kind of boring.

The cable's better up here, I'm hoping to find some other good TV to watch. Unless Cat won't let me watch TV either.

Cat turned 25 today. It was good because it was a pretty normal day. The last two years have been really lame as far as birthdays. So a pretty normal birthday is a big improvement.

Also, Cat's hair is red now. Well, not all red, just pieces. Like highlights, but not as stupid looking.

That's all I have for now. Maybe Cat will let one of us on to talk about Christmas. It wouldn't be that hard. Really. Meanie.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sewing Day

I know Snibbly posted yesterday, but you probably wanted to hear from me. And we have more pictures. Cat and Jamie had a sewing day (Jamie was sewing for Child #1). Cat worked on some clothes for the girls. Here are some pictures.

Cat altered this for Kohana-chan. It's another Target outfit. It had a grey coat too, but Cat doesn't like it and says it'd be a bother to take in. But the blouse is cute and can go with lots of things.

This look is a little more sporty. Also an altered Target outfit, it made Cat marvel at the poor craftsmanship of the doll clothes - though she says it does make it easy to take out and alter.

Remember the outfit that made Cathy look fat? Well, it's back, with improvements. Cat was working on a sash, and Jamie suggested she make the edges fringy. Turns out fringe rocks the outfit. Cat also did a little piece for her hair - also with the fringe. Jamie gave Cat some ribbon to make a choker for Cathy - also way cool. Way stylish. And Cathy doesn't look fat. She still wants some black leggings, but she's okay with this for now.

Good for the girls - very pretty ladies. On a personal note, why can't the freakin' SyFy channel (what was wrong with SciFi anyway?) show their reruns in order?!? Cat and I have been trying to watch Sanctuary for months now, but they keep showing the same ones! And they keep getting to the middle of season 3 of Stargate Atlantis and starting over! Bad plan, SyFy, bad plan. You are making this cow mad!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Exciting Summer

Hello friends. Our blog remains intermittent at best, mostly because Miss Caitlin has a less than exciting life. She relates only the feeling that it is "way too hot." I think she is mistaken, however, as she will soon be starting student teaching at one of the local schools in the library. This, however, might meet some huddles as the teachers have declared their willingness to strike. Hopefully this will work out without a hitch.

Miss Caitlin has been doing some sewing, and some of our friends have been clamoring to have their pictures displayed for a long time.

Kohana-chan wears a nice summer dress with white leggings. Very charming, though Kohana-chan keeps complaining that the ensemble would look more pleasing (and be more in line with current fashion) if the leggings were black. As Miss Caitlin made the leggings by altering a pair of tights made for Target's line of dolls, she has little sympathy.

This is Miss Caitlin's latest creation. She admits that perhaps it is not the most flattering for Miss Cathy's figure. She suggests that a sash would rectify much of the problem, and even has a nice lime green semi-sheer to make it out of. She has not yet had a chance to make the sash.

Spud was upset that everyone else was having their picture taken. He also has a new garment - a pair of baggy denim shorts. He keeps insisting they are "barracuda shorts," even though Miss Caitlin keeps reminding him they're supposed to be "Bermuda shorts."

Miss Comfort shows off her "pretty, pretty princess dress." While I concur with Miss Caitlin that the color and cut are as pleasing on Comfort as is possible, I could do without her "princess" attitude, which is far from "pretty."

This ensemble is altered from a set put out by Target for their dolls. Kohana-chan is quite stylish in this outfit, though she was disappointed that it is rather too warm to wear in the current weather. Miss Caitlin says that the hardest part about altering for Kohana-chan is that she has rather more of a figure than the American girl dolls, and so a different amount of fabric must be taken out of different places.

Hopefully there will be more interesting news later. Miss Deirdre has promised me pictures while she is far away in Montana, but has yet to send me any. I endure the lack as best I may.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Cat's finally done with all her classwork (she got all A's and all that). She came to her parent's house and then went to her cousin's wedding. That's all fine and nice, but then today we got to go someplace really fun: the zoo! Snibbly didn't want to go - he said something about "trivial" and "juvenile." But I wanted to go, so Cat and Mr. Cat's Dad took me.

For those who may not know, zoos are places where they keep wild animals, not animals like pigs and cows that are kept as people's friends. But they do have some wild animals that are related to us. Like this warthog that I'm posing with.

Most animals were hiding in the shade - it was hot today! Like this lion. He's not stupid.

We spent a lot of time avoiding large groups of kids. So after the big cats, we swung by the seals and sea lions. The dolphins were close while they finish up their new pool thing. Sad. But here's a sea lion getting up close and personal with the viewing window. They were really playful - probably because they get to play in the water all the time.

Cat was sad there were no walruses. I wasn't sure what a walrus was, but then Cat and Mr. Cat's Dad set up to take a picture at this statue of a walrus named Olga. Apparently, she was Cat's bother's favorite animal when he was very little. Something about blowing in his face and making him giggle? Anyway, I guess there are a number of pictures with the Olga statue floating around. And by Cat and her dad, I mean Cat in the picture and her dad taking it. He got his sole stolen in so many pictures during the wedding, Cat felt bad and didn't try to take any of him.

Cat's eyes are all squinty because it was so bright today. We noticed that the chlidren's zoo was all but deserted, and Cat and Mr. Cat's Dad couldn't remember what was there. But we found some special visitors there! I had to say hi to the ladies - see if we had any mutual acquaintances, that sort of thing.

Also - a lazy pig. I suppose I'm lucky since Snibbly is a little bit civilized - but he has been just as lazy as this guy all weekend while I've been out having adventures!

While we were at the children's zoo, Cat brushed some goats. I think the whole thing was silly, so you'll have to look at her facebook to get those pictures. After the hoards of school kids left, we went to visit the new bear exhibit. The bears were pretty lame (they looked hot) but the bison in their new habitat looked pretty cool. They're a kind of bovine, right? Cousins or something?

Cat has been doing some sewing. She took pictures last week, but didn't give us time on the computer to post them. So look forward to that.

That's all I got for that - but yay summertime!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Vacation

Aha! I have control of the computer while Miss Caitlin plays games, Miss Caitlin's Bother plays with her DS, and Tipsy watches Miss Caitlin's Mother play on Facebook!

Miss Caitlin has taken us with her on Spring Break. Miss Caitlin has already done quite a bit. She finished a dress for Miss Comfort. It is one of Miss Caitlin's "drancy fesses" as she insists on calling them. Miss Comfort has been most insufferable since the thing has been finished. She has continually flounced around crying "I'm a pretty princess!" and demanding that someone make her a crown. I have no pictures to show you of this blue sparkly monstrosity, but I will probably be forced into posting some later. She also made a pair of "Bermuda shorts" for Spud, who has been much more graceful in is acceptance.

Miss Caitlin and Miss Caitlin's excellent Mother went to see Cirque du Solei. Miss Caitlin came back babbling about clown routines and the Cirque's special rigging. It seemed it was quite enjoyable. Miss Caitlin's Mother suggests that it would have been a great thing for children to see, and seems to have tucked it away as an idea for when she has grandchildren some time in the distant future.

Miss Caitlin has taken us to Michigan, where she is relaxing with her Grandmother, her Mother, and her Bother. They have played several games of Carcassonne. Miss Caitlin did not listen to my sage advice and was therefore beaten twice by her relatives.

She will head to her parent's house some time tomorrow, where she will file an amended tax return and hopefully spend a chunk of the rest of the time with her friends in the area. I hope to have a chance to see Lady Deirdre, for while Miss Adrien guested with us back in February, she neglected to bring with her our dearest friend. I hope to also see Gip, as she sent me a nice package a while back, and I wish to thank her personally for her thoughtfulness.

Miss Caitlin also has to fit in a good amount of homework, including reading for her Child Language Development class, studying for a test in her "education psychology" class (it should be renamed as "education philosophy"), and some readings and responses for her school media specialist class. For her practicum, she needs to put together a few lessons on teaching reference sources to third graders. She has decided that she needs to design a lesson on guide words to start, and then something to reinforce keywords. She has some loose thoughts that are beginning to take shape.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dolly Stuff

Cat doesn't like the snow. She said she's sick of it, and now I think she thinks it's out to get her. She spun out coming home Monday night - luckily she was the only one on the highway and she didn't end up in the ditch. She scared herself pretty bad, but both her and the awesome car (with its sweet ABS brakes) are fine. Anyway, she was fine that everything for yesterday got canceled, and that her school visit today got canceled too.

Cat worked on Child #1's birthday present yesterday with the time she got by everything being canceled. She was a little worried it wouldn't get done in time, but it looks awesome.

Things to note - light blue sparkly fabric, little flower bows with bling in them on all the scallops, and a bolero with a feathery edging. That's right - feathery edging. Cat should get her act together and VACUUM after messing up the room with the stuff. She said she saw it in the store, thought "Oh, that's perfect! But the future me is going to hate me for it!" The future Cat did hate the Cat that picked it out, and so do the rest of us, but the dress does look a lot more sophisticated with it. It's for Child #1's Kirsten - it'll probably look nicer on Kirsten than it does here on Cathy - consolation for Cathy who, for the second year running, has to give up a fantastic dress.

Last year, people may remember, Cathy was also used to fit the birthday gift for Child #1. The coloring was even less suited to her, and therefore easier for her to let go of.

Cathy now awaits the day when Cat will make something cool for HER.

Cat's going to try to get a fashion show of her dresses on the dolls that they were actually made for. Hopefully that will be soon.

Friday, January 22, 2010

January and the Return to School

Greetings. I have the pleasure to announce the successful completion of the Plan with the return of Josey! She spent an enjoyable time abroad in Greece and Germany, and after visiting our friends back in Missouri, she has come back to us. She was rather surprised to find that we had moved but has settled in well here. She would not mind going on another trip, so if any our friends are set to go abroad, or even to another location within the States, please let us know and Josey would be happy to accompany you.

Miss Caitlin has started classes - one about children and language development, and another on language development. She hopes the first will be interesting, while the second has her saying bad things about the Education department. I am happy to say she only needs four classes from said department - it would be cruel, unusual, and unjustified punishment of us if she were required to take more. She is taking one class from her normal graduate school - that for learning to become a school librarian. She is not too hopeful that this will be helpful - rather she has higher hopes in her practicum with a local school librarian.

My good friend Gip sent a package that arrived today. She has given me little stationary cards and a notebook, in addition to some scrumptious snacks. Very thoughtful of her. I generously gave Miss Caitlin a pair of socks that were also enclosed.